ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2022

15 ноября – 16 ноября

Вторник - Среда

2022 г.

Бельгия, г. Брюссель

After several editions in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland… we will be back in Brussels in 2022!

VENUE: Bedford Hotel & Congress Centres

Book your room at a special rate: download the form here and email it to


• Keynote presentations

• REACH Regulation, EU F-gas Regulation, policy, and standards        

• End user presentations

• Market trends

• Latest innovative technology presentations

• Panel discussions


End users, policy makers, manufacturers, researchers, academia, NGOs, associations, media and consultants.


Apply to join the ATMO Connect global network (free) and get access to diverse channels where to discuss about relevant topics of the industry. Receive all the latest news and network before, during and after the event.

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