ASHRAE HVAC Applications 1999. Handbook. SI


Год: 1999Язык: АнглийскийТип: Книги
This handbook describes heating, ventilating, and air condition-ing for a broad range of applications. Most of the chapters from the 1995 ASHRAE Handbook have been revised for this volume to reflect current requirements and design approaches. New chapters on HVAC for museums and power plants, information on air quality in aircraft, additional information on maintaining a proper environ-ment for indoor swimming pools and new information on sound control and building operation make this a particularly useful refer-ence. Because this book focuses on specific applications for HVAC, it provides background information to designers new to the applica-tion as well as to those needing a refresher on the topic. In addition, many chapters include valuable data for design. Some of the revi-sions that have been made are as follows.
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