Engineering Measurements: Methods and Intrinsic Errors

Автор: Polak T.A., Pande C.

Год: 1999Язык: АнглийскийТип: Книги
Engineering Measurements - Methods and Intrinsic Errors provides a valuable insight into the equipment and methods generally used in taking measurements, and helps engineers avoid or minimize the inaccuracies that can arise even when using highly accurate instruments. Many of the commonly used measurement methods are described, together with their pitfalls and problems. The authors also incorporate plenty of useful, practical examples.Although there are a number of very good texts already available on the subject of engineering measurements, most are quite theoretical and few are written by practising engineers in industry.

Those written by industrialists often concentrate only on their specific subject area. There does not appear to be a general text covering theoretical and practical aspects of engineering measurements, and in particular covering the areas of errors and pitfalls associated with taking these measurements. This book is designed to fill the gap, and incorporates knowledge obtained from years of practical experience in industry and R&D by the authors and the various contributors.Engineering Measurements - Methods and Intrinsic Errors is highly readable, practical, and comprehensive.

Any engineer involved in measurement, whether in manufacturing and process control, development, troubleshooting, or research, will find this guide a helpful everyday tool.
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