Автор: W T W (Bill) Cory

Год: 2005Язык: АнглийскийТип: Книги
The practical reference book and guide to fans, ventilation and ancillary equipment with a comprehensive buyers' guide to worldwide manufacturers and suppliers.
Bill Cory, well-known throughout the fans and ventilation industry, has produced a comprehensive, practical reference with a broad scope: types of fans, how and why they work, ductwork, performance standards, testing, stressing, shafts and bearings.

With advances in technology, manufacturers have had to continually improve the performance and efficiency of fans and ventilation systems; as a result, improvements that once seemed impossible have been achieved. Systems now range in all sizes, shapes, and weight, to match the ever increasing applications.
An important reference in the wake of continuing harmonisation of standards throughout the European Union and the progression of National and International standards. The Handbook of Fans and Ventilation is a welcome aid to both mechanical and electrical engineers.

This book will help you to
  • Understand how and why fans work
  • Choose the appropriate fan for the right job, helping to save time and money
  • Learn installation, operational and maintenance techniques to keep your fans in perfect working order
  • Discover special fans for your unique requirements
  • Source the most appropriate equipment manufacturers for your individual needs
  • Helps you select, instal, operate and maintain the appropriate fan for your appliaction, to help you save time and money
  • Use as a reference tool, course-book, supplier guide or as a fan/ventilation selection system
  • Contains a guide to manufacturers and suppliers of ventilation systems, organised according to their different styles and basic principles of operation
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