Process Heat Transfer. Principles and applications

Автор: Robert W. Serth

Год: 2007 Язык: Английский Тип: Книги
Process Heat Transfer Rules of Thumb investigates the design and implementation of industrial heat exchangers. It provides the background needed to understand and master the commercial software packages used by professional engineers for design and analysis of heat exchangers. This book focuses on the types of heat exchangers most widely used by industry, namely shell-and-tube exchangers (including condensers, reboilers and vaporizers), air-cooled heat exchangers and double-pipe (hairpin) exchangers. It provides a substantial introduction to the design of heat exchanger networks using pinch technology, the most efficient strategy used to achieve optimal recovery of heat in industrial processes.

Utilizes leading commercial software important to professional engineers designing heat exchangers.
Illustrates design procedures using complete step-by-step worked examples.

Provides details on how to develop an initial configuration for a heat exchanger and how to systematically modify it to obtain a final design.
Abundant example problems solved manually and with the integration of computer software.
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