Research progress on preparation of binary ice by vacuum flash evaporation: A review

Автор: Lingeng Zou, Xuelai Zhang, Qinyue Zheng

Год: 2020Язык: АнглийскийТип: Статьи
Abstract: As a new type of cold storage medium, binary ice has the advantages of high-density energy storage, fast cooling rate, good fluidity and high thermal efficiency, which bring it broad application prospects. Compared with other ice making methods, the vacuum flash preparation of binary ice has the advantages of high efficiency, simple equipment and convenient operation. In this paper, the theoretical and experimental research status of binary ice preparation by vacuum flash have been introduced in detail. To better understand the heat and mass transfer mechanisms of binary ice vacuum preparation process, this paper also reviewed the influence of superheat, waterfilm height and pressure changes on the heat and mass transfer during vacuum flash evaporation. Finally, according to the current research situation, future research trends for the preparation of binary ice by vacuum flash are prospected.
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