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С — англоязычный интернет-портал по холодильной технике, системам кондиционирования воздуха и тепловым насосам.

Established in 2013 the Cooling Post offers unrivalled news coverage of the air conditioning, refrigeration, cooling and heat pump sector.

The Cooling Post seeks out stories of interest to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry from around the world. As an industry, and across different languages and different cultures, it faces similar problems and obstacles. Through its mix of cutting edge news, in-depth feature articles and informed comment, the Cooling Post attempts to provide you with some of the solutions.


In addition to the website, the Cooling Post, produces a twice-weekly email newsletter, mailed to over 7,000 individuals. These subscribers range from engineers, support staff and management at air conditioning and refrigeration contractors to suppliers, equipment manufacturers, end-users, environmental groups and governmental decision makers. The fact that they trust the Cooling Post’s engaging content is evidenced by the newsletters’s huge click rates, running at around 10x the industry average. Subscribing to the newsletter is free and simply achieved by filling in this subscription form. We hate spam as much as you do, so please be assured that we never sell, lend or otherwise rent our subscriber list to any third party.


All editorial content on the Cooling Post is completely free-of-charge and is selected, sourced, edited and published at the discretion of our editors. We carry no “advertorials” or other paid-for editorial content.

Links are placed within our editorial items, where relevant, to provide further information or direct the reader to source material. We do not accept paid-for links, so don’t even ask.

We welcome news and information from companies, organisations and individuals but be aware that this must be both relevant and newsworthy to be considered.


The Cooling Post is edited by Neil Everitt (above), a journalist who has been active in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry for over 40 years. His experience includes over 12 years as assistant editor and then editor of UK magazine Heating & Ventilating Review and well over 20 years in two spells as editor of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration News (ACR News). He is a member of the Institute of Refrigeration. The Cooling Post is free to view and welcomes contributions, comments, ideas and suggestions from the industry at large.

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