Flow boiling in small diameter channels

Автор: C. Vlasie , H. Macchi, J. Guilpart

Год: 2004Язык: АнглийскийТип: Статьи

Many studies have been carried out on two-phase flow heat transfer in channels with hydraulic diameter bigger than 6 mm, but relatively little work has been done for small diameter channels in the meso and compact range (diameter from 0.1 to 3 mm). The use of exchangers with small channels in refrigeration units, which are very numerous besides, could bring a significant reduction of the internal volume of the exchanger, and therefore diminish the refrigerant charge of the whole refrigerating system. One can imagine the interest to widen knowledge on the flow and the heat transfer in small-diameter tubes. This paper examine the thermal behavior of refrigerants boiling in small pipes. The correlations available for in-tube evaporation heat transfer coefficient are discussed and evaluated, when possible, and new research areas of relevance than can contribute to expand the use of small-diameter channels evaporators in refrigeration units are suggested.

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