Mass and heat transfer: analysis of mass contactors and heat exchangers

Автор: Russell T., Robinson A.

Год: 2008 Язык: Английский Тип: Книги
This text allows instructors to teach a course on heat and mass transfer that will equip students with the pragmatic, applied skills required by the modern chemical industry. This new approach is a combined presentation of heat and mass transfer, maintaining mathematical rigor while keeping mathematical analysis to a minimum. This allows students to develop a strong conceptual understanding, and teaches them how to become proficient in engineering analysis of mass contactors and heat exchangers and the transport theory used as a basis for determining how the critical coefficients depend upon physical properties and fluid motions. Students will first study the engineering analysis and design of equipment important in experiments and for the processing of material at the commercial scale. The second part of the book presents the fundamentals of transport phenomena relevant to these applications. A complete teaching package includes a comprehensive instructor's guide, exercises, design case studies, and project assignments.
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