Modelling and transient simulation of CO2-refrigeration systems with Modelica

Автор: Torge Pfafferott, Gerhard Schmitz

Год: 2024Язык: АнглийскийТип: Статьи
This paper presents the current results of the development of a Modelica library for CO2-refrigeration systems based on the free Modelica library ThermoFluid. The development of the library is carried out in a research project of Airbus Deutschland and the TUHH and is focused on the aim to obtain a library for detailed numerical investigations of refrigeration systems with the rediscovered refrigerant carbon dioxide (CO2). A survey of the concept of an integrated on-board cooling system of airliners, the modelling language ModelicaTM and the CO2-library is given and the modelling of CO2-heat exchangers is described. A comparison with steady state results of heat exchangers shows a fair agreement. The presented transient simulation results are compared with experimental data showing also a fair agreement.
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