Refrigeration Equipment:A servicing and installation handbook

Автор: Bryant A. C.

Год: 1997Язык: АнглийскийТип: Книги
Refrigeration Equipment is a clear, practical guide to the installation, testing and servicing of industrial and domestic refrigeration equipment.Refrigeration technicians, who are poorly provided with good reference material, will welcome the author's hands-on approach. Other readers will include trainees on in-plant industry courses, building service engineers and maintenance staff in the frozen food industry, supermarkets, hotels and hospitals. It also provides a text from NVQs (C&G 6007) and other vocational courses).This revised edition has been updated throughout, and includes a new section on the topical subject of alternative refrigerants and, for the first time, a chapter on the principles of air conditioning.New edition of the standard text and reference guideIdeal for City & Guilds NVQs and relevant BTEC unitsNew chapters on alternative refrigerants (non - CFC) and air conditioning now included Справочное руководство по сервисному обслуживанию и монтажу холодильного оборудования.
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