Thermal performance of cold storage in thermal battery for air conditioning

Автор: en-Jie Chieh, Shu-Ju Lin, Sih-Li Chen

Год: 2004Язык: АнглийскийТип: Статьи
This article studies, experimentally and theoretically, the thermal performance of cold storage in thermal battery for air conditioning. Thermal battery utilizes the superior heat transfer characteristics of heat pipe and eliminates draw backs found in the conventional thermal storage tank. Experimental investigations are first conducted to study the cold storage thermal performance in two experimental systems: the ratio of distance between heat pipes to outer diameter of heat pipe W/D=6 and 2. Different heat transfer mechanisms including nucleate boiling, geyser boiling and natural convection are identified in different experimental systems with various liquid fills. A theoretical model to determine the thermal characteristics of the thermal battery has also been developed. Comparisons of this theory with experimental data show good agreements in the nucleate boiling stage of cold storage process.
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