Response of a thermoacoustic refrigerator to the variation of the driving frequency and loading

Автор: Fathi Jebali, Jean Valentin Lubiez, Maurice-Xavier Franc¸ois

Год: 2004Язык: АнглийскийТип: Статьи
The performance of a thermoacoustic refrigerator subjected to variable loading was analyzed experimentally and the data were compared with those obtained using a computational model. The computational model relies on onedimensional cross-section-averaged equations discretized using the network analogy. The thermoacoustic refrigerator was modeled by dividing it into 1 mm long slices in the direction of the acoustic axis. The hot heat exchanger of the thermoacoustic refrigerator was maintained at ambient temperature and the temperature of the cold heat exchanger was varied to achieve temperature differences of deltaT=0, 5 and 10 K along the stack. The cooling load was measured and calculated for these temperature differences while varying the driving frequency between 30 and 65 Hz. The contribution of the progressive and stationary waves and the losses on the thermoacoustic heat flow was computed and discussed.


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