Автор: Chih Wu

Год: 2004 Язык: Английский Тип: Книги
This reference illustrates the efficacy of CyclePad software for enhanced simulation of thermodynamic devices and cycles. It improves thermodynamic studies by reducing calculation time, ensuring design accuracy, and allowing for case-specific analyses. Offering a wide-range of pedagogical aids, chapter summaries, review problems, and worked examples, this reference offers a user-friendly and effective approach to thermodynamic processes and computer-based experimentation and design.

Thermodynamic Cycles allows students to change any parameter and understand its effect on device performance, run experiments and investigate results, and run valuable sensitivity and cost-benefit analyses. Considers vapor cycles, gas closed system cycles, gas open system cycles, combined cycle and cogeneration, refrigeration and heat pump open system cycles, and finite time thermodynamics.
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